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  • The Kaohsiung City Government(hereafter referred to as this government) set this statute in order to provide the disabled people with accommodation services.
  • The disabled people who reside in the Kaohsiung city, hold the disability card and have no infectious diseases, are entitled to apply for accommodation service in Home for the Disabled(hereafter referred to as this institution) .The service items are as follows :
    • Long-term service:it serves people aged 18-65with severe mental retardation or those coupled with other disabilities.
    • Day care service:It serves the disabled children aged under 6 or people aged over 18 with mild mental retardation or those coupled with other disabilities.
    • Community home service:It serves the disabled people aged over 16 who are working or receiving occupational training in the day time.
  • Applicants for the accommodation services must provide the following documents:
    • Application form.
    • One copy of low-income household certification or household income and real estate ownership records.
    • Household certificate transcript (in recent 3 months).
    • Photocopy of disability Card.
    • Health examination report from hospital.
  • The applicants for accommodation service will be individually notified to enter the institution after the assessment is approved.
  • Before entering, legal representatives and parents must seek one assuror and sign the contract.
  • The fees for services are in accordance with the regulation.
  • The institution will establish an assessment team to regularly assess the improvement of residents.
  • The assessment will be undertaken immediately after the three-month adaptation period due. If no serious problems on adaptation were addressed, the applicant will become the resident.
  • The resident will be withdrawn from the institution if any one of the following situations takes place.
    • The resident is assessed to be able to adapt the family life and return the mainstream society.
    • The resident is assessed having serious adaptation problems and disturbing the accommodation services after adaptation period.
    • The resident is reluctant to be back when (s)he leaves the institution to excess.
    • The resident has infectious diseases or mental illness.
    • The resident’s fees for services are not paid for over three months without acceptable reasons.
    • The resident leaves the institution without asking, sexually offences other residents and behaves violently, but cannot be corrected after counseling.
    • The resident encounters special events and then is approved in the institution’s meeting for the withdrawal.
    • The legal representatives and parents of the residents transfer the household registration on purpose.
    • Other reasons for being accommodated disappear.
  • The statute is enforced after release.
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