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  1. Kaohsiung City Government (hereinafter referred to as ‘this government’) has drawn up these regulations to improve the welfare of people with disabilities and extend the use of the Home for the Disabled (hereinafter referred to as the ‘institution’).
  2. Government registered public and private institutions、schools、and groups holding activities associated with the welfare of people with disabilities can apply to rent our auditorium、briefing room、conference room、swimming pool etc. See appendix for fees. Fee adjustments should be deliberated by the city council.
  3. The following situations are not permissible, and where they occur, shouldbe halted:
    1. Where laws are violated、public security is jeopardized and/or good social customs are undermined.
    2. Where the actual activity is inconsistent with the original application registration and/or the venue is given over to use by those other than stated.
    3. Where any violation of the rules of use is not rectified immediately and/or damage to facilities occurs.
    4. Where there is profiteering and/or a lack of benefit to the welfare of disabled persons.
    5. Where there are banquets held.
  4. Session times are 09:00-12:00、14:00-17:00 and 18:00-9:30.
    However, where it is agreed to be a case of special circumstances, session times can be altered. In cases where use extends beyond session times, additional charges shall be incurred according to fees appendix, and shall be deducted from deposit.
  5. The applicant shall submit to the institution a completed application form,proof of official registration documentation, an event program plan, and deposit, 7 days prior to event. Once permission is granted, the registrant shall pay all remaining charges before event date.
  6. In cases where the registrant must change the time and/or the venue, he should seek approval at least three days prior.
    Except for reasons of Force Majeure, in all cases where the registrant no longer requires the use of the institution, all payments made, excluding deposit, shall be returned without interest.
  7. In cases where the registrant wishes to decorate the facilities, it must first be agreed by the institution. In cases where there is any damage to facilities, the registrant is responsible for either repairs or compensation. The cost of repairs or compensation shall be deducted from the deposit, except in instances where the registrant performs repair work themselves. In cases where the deposit is insufficient, further compensation shall be made.
  8. In cases where approval of the institution has not been given、registrant shall not use the audio、stage and/or other facilities and shall not install any other temporary electrical devices.
  9. The registrant must only put up posters and distribute advertising materials according to the rules of the institution and clean up accordingly after activities have ceased.
  10. During activities, the registrant is solely responsible for decorations、security 、public order and emergency management. The registrant must clean up and restore the facilities to their original state after use. If registrant disobeys the rules, they shall be banned from further applications for a period of one year.
  11. The self-management regulations is enforced after release.
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