In order to promote the welfare services for people with disabilities, and to decrease the burdens and pressure for their families, the Bureau of Social Affairs in Kaohsiung had proposed to establish:Home without Barriers, Kaohsiung" in 1987. The building was build up in March 1994, and the space is 3,700 acres. The House started to provide services in September 1994. It is the first public institute in Taiwan, as the same dffect as a handicapped people's welfare services center, by providing education, training, nursing, and day care.

Our Purposes
  1. Establish circular system, take initiative on persons who need services,and quickly provide the services needed.
  2. Assist the disabled to utilize social resources and services.
  3. Utilize methods of team service and assist disabled persons in a planned way to solve problems.
Subjects of Service
  1. Citizens whose age is between 15 and 65, with local household registration and in fact reside in Kaohsiung City, and hold Disabled Handbook issued (replaced) by the City.
  2. Citizens whose lives encounter multiple problems, unable to solve or utilize resource by self or by family member, and need to receive assistance.
Future Prospect
  1. Establish Multi-Element Training Program for Household Citizen
  2. Edit and publish Practical Guidance for Abnormal Behavior of Mentally Retarded Adult
  3. Enrich Cultural and Spiritual Lives of the Disabled Persons
  4. Strengthen Household Citizens’ Utilizations of Life Assisting Tools
  5. Facilitate Computerized Technologies and Computerize Information